Is it really as simple as being born in the ‘wrong’ body?

As I think about the prospect of having children, it leads me to the decision that I made at age 20 to have a hysterectomy. Children were never something that I thought I wanted, however now at age 30, I ponder whether this is something that I do want. Was my desire to decide against children more than simple disinterest?

Why, at age 20 was I allowed to make the decision to remove a perfectly healthy part of my body? Why wasn’t I questioned? Why wasn’t I asked if I wanted to freeze my eggs? Why was I not asked for reasons as to why I wanted to remove my reproductive system?

Was it because of emotional turmoil or just desired? Why was it desired and what did you think would happen once you had the procedure? Would your life be any better? Would you be any happier? Why would you turn to medical intervention to seek happiness?

Why are questions not being asked?

How come those who claim to be transgender are not questioned? How come at least 12 months of therapy is not mandatory before commencing an irreversible procedure?
How come medical transition is approved without question? Is it really as simple as being in the ‘wrong’ body? Does gender dysphoria exist? Or is feeling immense ongoing discomfort within your body a result of abuse? Trauma? Is there such thing as being in the ‘wrong’ body?

Are the youth of today transitioning because they are searching for themselves in the wrong places? Do they think that discomfort within the body is only felt in those who are trans? Is trans the cool new hip thing to do?

Torment, a low sense of self, trauma, internalised homophobia, difficulty adjusting to the developing pubescent body – are these the real reasons people are transitioning?

Is transition being used as an escape? An escape from self. Or is transition an aid in the suppression of trauma?

Why allow young people to transition without question? Without having them go through at least 12 months of therapy first in order to sort through any repressed trauma or issues pertaining to mental anguish.

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