The medicalisation of Gender Dysphoric Kids and Adolescents

The medicalisation of Gender Dysphoria is on the rise. What is influencing young people to medically alter their bodies? Are they being influenced by their peers? Is it trauma? A wish to escape their lives? A means for emotional suppression?
For me, childhood trauma led to my desire to hormonally and surgically alter my body. Transition was a means of escape from my life and the mental anguish that I felt. Transition gave me something to focus on and my body became the focal point. My mind was consumed and distracted from the root cause of my unhappiness.
Transitioning meant becoming someone else because who I was, wasn’t enough.
The thought of becoming another was my distraction and I did all that I could to rid myself of every part of myself that reminded me of the trauma.
Therapy has been incredibly beneficial, and I would strongly recommend everyone to seek therapy before making such a life altering decision.
Through therapy, I learnt to love myself. It gave me a safe space to grieve and explore my trauma.
The ever-growing number of teens who are opting to medically alter their bodies leaves me concerned. I wonder what is it that is causing this and why is this their only option? Is it an escape? from self? trauma?
Why is ‘top’ surgery so sought after? What is it about removing perfectly healthy parts of one’s body that is so desirable? Is it about ridding oneself of aspects of yourself because it’s a reminder? A reminder of trauma? sexualisation? objectification? What has caused such immense distress that the better option would be to become a lifelong medical patient?
What has gone on in your life to cause such immense distaste for yourself?
Is your experience of life causing such pain that it’s too much to think about because of how it makes your heart ache and you would rather an escape? Is transition your only option for a fresh start?
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