My legal right to live as my birth sex has been stripped from me

Those who are transgender seem to be handed all that they want, no questions asked. Surgeries, hormones and legal document changes. They are accepted and treated with dignity and respect.

I transitioned at the age of 19 and lived as male for 10 years. Recently, I realised that transitioning was a mistake and that this was something that I shouldn’t have ever done.

As I come to accept what it is that I have done and understand my reasons for deciding to transition and everything that contributed to the way I felt about my body and self. I am often overwhelmed with sadness and grief.

My skewed perception that I grew to develop of myself and my body stem from the abuse and words my mother spewed.

As I learnt of the root cause of my distress, I learnt that this is what caused me to grow a deep desire to be male.

The decision to stop testosterone consisted of far more than simply deciding to stop taking a medication. It consisted of an awakening. Awakening to the root cause of my decision to transition, what it meant to be male and why I so desperately wanted to be someone other than me.

My mind once consumed by the thought of my body and the doing of everything that I could to suppress thoughts of my disdain. Thankfully, I am now free of that.

I am at a place where I want to change the sex on my Birth Certificate back to my birth sex. I have discovered that this is not something that I can do. The legislation does not allow for one to change their gender marker back to their birth sex once it has been changed. I am outraged. All I am doing is trying to recover, put this behind me and live my life. A life where I am free of restriction.

The law allows for transgender people to medically transition without any psychological evaluation. To volunteer themselves to be lifelong medical patients. Yet, here I am wanting to live as my birth sex and I have no legal right to do so.

Do you realise the impact that this will have on my ability to live my life? To go out into the world?

All I am asking for is equality. To be treated fairly. To be given the basic human right to live as my authentic self.

How can they implement a law that is inclusive of transgender people and allow for them to change their Birth Certificate to reflect their gender identity? Yet, here I am wanting to live as my birth sex and I have no right to do so. How can this be?

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