Who we are

Jay Langadinos


I am a detransitioning FTM. Transitioning has had a profoundly devastating impact on my life, I transitioned 10 years ago and have recently realised that it was something I shouldn’t have ever done. Transition did not help me in ways that I thought it would and in turn my depression worsened and isolated myself for many years. My life fell apart. I was left feeling broken, lost and alone. Seeking therapy has aided me in discovering the reasons for what contributed to my decision to transition and helped me come to terms with the sorrow. I would like to connect with others who have been through something similar and share my experiences as I feel it is necessary to the healing process. We are here to support and connect with you in order to aid you to discover who you are and find what it is you are seeking. I hope this group will benefit you in ways you hope for.

Roberto D’Angelo


I am a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have worked with the LGBT community for many years. As a gay man, I have experienced discrimination based on gender stereotypes and sexual orientation first hand. Working with trans-identifying youth for some years has helped me understand the many complicated reasons that people may decide to transition. Those reasons can include trauma and abuse, shame about same-sex attraction, social difficulties and loneliness and many others. 

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