The impediment that haunts me

As I begin to build my life at 30, I have come to realise the extent that my life has been affected by the words of others and the profound impact that it’s had on my ability to go out into the world, to make a life for myself, to progress and find who itContinue reading “The impediment that haunts me”

A deep desire for escape from womanhood

Throughout the years of pubescent development, my mother spewed words that had a profoundly devastating impact throughout my young life. Her words sculpted my mind. They led me down a road of self-destruction. They are what plagued my mind. My desire to become another and to alter my body through medical treatment stemmed from wordsContinue reading “A deep desire for escape from womanhood”

The medicalisation of Gender Dysphoric Kids and Adolescents

The medicalisation of Gender Dysphoria is on the rise. What is influencing young people to medically alter their bodies? Are they being influenced by their peers? Is it trauma? A wish to escape their lives? A means for emotional suppression? For me, childhood trauma led to my desire to hormonally and surgically alter my body.Continue reading “The medicalisation of Gender Dysphoric Kids and Adolescents”