The impediment that haunts me

As I begin to build my life at 30, I have come to realise the extent that my life has been affected by the words of others and the profound impact that it’s had on my ability to go out into the world, to make a life for myself, to progress and find who itContinue reading “The impediment that haunts me”

Transitioning to Forget the Truth

Through my adolescence, I was consumed by thoughts of my body. These thoughts were a focal point, I was unable to see what it was that was happening around me. The abuse. It all surpassed my consciousness. All I was seeing were the inadequacies and the thoughts of my body consumed my being. Thoughts ofContinue reading “Transitioning to Forget the Truth”

How did you come to feel that you are in the wrong body?

I have worked with many LGBTIQ people over the 20+ years that I have been a therapist. As a member of the LGBTIQ community, it is important to me and a privilege to help others struggling with sexuality and gender issues. In the last 5 years, I have been shocked by the unprecedented number ofContinue reading “How did you come to feel that you are in the wrong body?”

A hurting heart

As I reflect upon my life and look at the way that I have developed – how trauma has led me to lead a life of isolation. How it has given me a skewed perception of others and myself. It has prevented me from developing relationships and living a life of fulfilment. As I comeContinue reading “A hurting heart”

Trauma, not Gender Dysphoria

As time went on, I became aware that the unhappiness that I felt grew despite my working on my childhood trauma in therapy. As I thought more about my transition, I pondered if it really was all I made it out to be. Through talking with my therapist, together we pondered what it was IContinue reading “Trauma, not Gender Dysphoria”

Becoming Lost

Transition for me meant finding solace. I thought it would aid me in finding myself and the development of my personal attributes. The further I progressed with medical transition, the more intrusive and all-consuming the dysphoria became. These thoughts became distressing and led me to want to have surgery which I did as I believedContinue reading “Becoming Lost”

Hello, I am Jay

Ten years ago, I transitioned FTM. My process of realisation started once I accepted that trauma contributed to my decision to transition. As I sought through my trauma, I began to discover that maybe, it wasn’t a necessary step for me to take. Through the upset and heartbreak as I learnt about my pre-transition self,Continue reading “Hello, I am Jay”