Support Group

We are running a support group for people who have transitioned and have found that it did not help them in ways they thought it would. This group is for people to connect with others to share their experiences. To support one another going through questioning, detransition or uncertainty. To have a chat to meet and be with others who are in a similar boat. To feel supported, accepted, validated and welcomed.

I transitioned ten years ago and would like to share my path of transition with others who may be struggling with the devastating realisation that it may not have been the right thing to have done. I am no longer transitioning and through therapy have been able to discover the reasons for my decision to transition. I have been able to overcome the sadness, grief and devastation that transition brought. Working through the uncertainty and knowing now that trauma led to this decision has been gut-wrenching. Despite this, I have discovered beauty in life. You may make decisions in life and realise that those weren’t the right ones later on, however you can get through that pain, have a life that is fulfilling and sunny. You will be able to get through your sadness. This is a path that you took and it may not have been the right one and that is ok. We are all here to support one another.

Roberto co-facilitates my Lost In Transition support group. He understands the complexities that transition may bring. He will be a listening ear and support you through your time of distress.

Looking forward to meeting you,


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