Support Jay

I am one of the many young women who thought they were born in the wrong body and went through medical and surgical gender transition. And I am one of the many young women who realised that transitioning was not the right thing to do. The whole process left me traumatized, lost and broken. I have spent many years in therapy trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life. I no longer believe I am a man and I have embraced myself as I am.
This whole experience has taken an incredible toll on my life.
I have realised that childhood emotional trauma led me to transition. I focussed everything on transitioning because I really believed it would fix me. But the cost was that I dissociated from my life, including socially, work, study. My life was on hold for 10+ years. I am determined to rebuild it, but it is hard to start from nothing, especially when I have no financial support.

I have recently moved out of my family home, which was the source of much of my trauma. My mental state has improved significantly, and I now realise how damaging it was for me to be living at home.

I am only just beginning to get back on my feet after over a decade of struggle with mental health issues.

Your help will allow me to keep recovering and to heal from the many years of trauma that I have been through, both due to my family and also due to my inappropriate transition.

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