Is it really as simple as being born in the ‘wrong’ body?

As I think about the prospect of having children, it leads me to the decision that I made at age 20 to have a hysterectomy. Children were never something that I thought I wanted, however now at age 30, I ponder whether this is something that I do want. Was my desire to decide againstContinue reading “Is it really as simple as being born in the ‘wrong’ body?”

A hurting heart

As I reflect upon my life and look at the way that I have developed – how trauma has led me to lead a life of isolation. How it has given me a skewed perception of others and myself. It has prevented me from developing relationships and living a life of fulfilment. As I comeContinue reading “A hurting heart”

Trauma, not Gender Dysphoria

As time went on, I became aware that the unhappiness that I felt grew despite my working on my childhood trauma in therapy. As I thought more about my transition, I pondered if it really was all I made it out to be. Through talking with my therapist, together we pondered what it was IContinue reading “Trauma, not Gender Dysphoria”

Becoming Lost

Transition for me meant finding solace. I thought it would aid me in finding myself and the development of my personal attributes. The further I progressed with medical transition, the more intrusive and all-consuming the dysphoria became. These thoughts became distressing and led me to want to have surgery which I did as I believedContinue reading “Becoming Lost”

Hello, I am Jay

Ten years ago, I transitioned FTM. My process of realisation started once I accepted that trauma contributed to my decision to transition. As I sought through my trauma, I began to discover that maybe, it wasn’t a necessary step for me to take. Through the upset and heartbreak as I learnt about my pre-transition self,Continue reading “Hello, I am Jay”